Shopify introduces ‘one page checkout’ and new Checkout Editor

Shopify is introducing a “one page checkout” for all merchants and a new Checkout Editor for Plus merchants. With this, the e-commerce platform aims to ensure fewer abandoned shopping carts and more opportunities to tailor the checkout page to the merchant’s needs.

One page checkout

The so-called “one page checkout” that Shopify is introducing for all merchants should ensure that fewer potential buyers exit during the process. That’s because with the revamped checkout, buyers no longer have to click through from one page to another to place their order, but instead fill in their personal, billing and shipping information on just one page.

A valuable update, because as a merchant, you know better than anyone that the more steps a potential customer has to go through, the more likely he is to drop out. Shopify updated the page based on data from its Pay module. The sweeping change to the page should provide a more streamlined customer experience.

New Checkout Editor for Plus merchants

In addition, Shopify is also releasing a new Checkout Editor for Plus merchants, which allows you to easily customize the checkout to your needs, both in terms of functionalities and brand identity. Instead of having to (have) modify code in the checkout.liquid theme file, you can now install apps to add new features – such as loyalty programs, gift card options or upsell capabilities – to the checkout.

The Checkout Editor lets you easily drag and drop the tools you want to use. Moreover, you can use user-friendly branding tools. With the new editor, Shopify aims to help sellers with a consistent look and feel of the buyer’s journey while aligning the checkout as much as possible with the merchant’s own business needs and business processes.

The one page checkout and the new Checkout Editor for Plus merchants are the main product announcements presented by Shopify during the Winter ‘23 Edition, an event in which the e-commerce platform presents the products and features it has developed in the last six months.


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