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Opportunities and possibilities.
More and more B2B companies are offering sales opportunities through their web shop to business customers. A study by Forrester found that in America, B2B revenue is already well in excess of B2C revenue. Tegelijkertijd geeft meer dan 90% van de B2B-klanten daar aan dat ze graag online herhalingsaankopen doen.

What about the B2B market in the Netherlands?

The business-to-business market in the Netherlands is growing steadily, yet there are still many gains to be made in the field of e-commerce. Research by Forrester found that nearly 50% of all tech wholesalers do not yet have a product catalog online. At 55%, the products are there, but you need an account and login to view them in a B2B environment. It often has to do with ERP systems not wanting to cooperate or having too little knowledge of e-commerce why wholesalers lag behind. High licensing costs are also sometimes cited as a reason why companies have not yet made the switch.

See the possibilities and opportunities of a B2B web shop

Still, business buyers will increasingly orient themselves online. But where consumers are at their beck and call in that area, B2B buyers often face poor product discoverability and information that is totally out of date. So time to change course and spread the wings in B2B as well. So nowadays you can integrate your B2B into your existing (B2C) webshop in many ways. Shopify has also had several B2B solutions available for some time, and with Shopify Plus, those capabilities have only expanded.

Shopify B2B solutions

What does Shopify’s B2B features include? It may be going a bit far to discuss all the features and capabilities here, but a few things we would like to briefly review. First, it is important to distinguish well between Shopify and Shopify Plus. If you have a smaller shop, Shopify is usually fine. If you have a large webshop in multiple countries, with multiple languages and lots of visitors, then Shopify Plus is the right choice. For example, in the Plus version, you can manage companies that allow different customers with different login credentials to be grouped under the same company. For example, using specific privileges, one customer (if you wanted to) sees more data and information than another. Using a shared catalog also makes specific product items available to B2B customers and companies. Also, prices may be different for each customer, such as because one customer is linked to a particular fixed discount arrangement. Really want to know all about Shopify’s complete B2B capabilities? Please contact one of our specialists.

The benefits of Shopify B2B e-commerce

Properly setting up a good e-commerce platform for B2B using Shopify will give you several benefits:

Improved workflow and time savings through process automation;
The ordering process is faster and less cumbersome;
All information related to your product range is easily distributed from one central location and is more manageable and easier to share;

So with Shopify, you have an excellent platform to turn your B2B webshop into a successful one. Want to know more about the possibilities? If so, contact one of our specialists.


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