Shopify POS

Shopify POS

Do you have both an online store and a physical point of sale? Or ambitions to open a store in the future where you can personally sell to your customers? Then Shopify is a godsend. Indeed, since last year, the e-commerce platform has offered Shopify POS in the Netherlands.

So in this article, we dive into Shopify POS. What exactly does this system entail? What are the benefits? What POS Shopify hardware should you purchase? Last but not least, what about Shopify POS pricing?

What is a POS system?

Let’s start from the beginning. What is a POS system in the first place? And what would you use it for? POS is an abbreviation and stands for point of sale. In other words, point of sale in English. A POS system is therefore a POS system for physical points of sale. This could be your own brick-and-mortar store, or a temporary pop-up store or market where you offer your products.

Just make no mistake: a POS system is much more than just software that lets you checkout your customers. Thus, using only the definition POS system does a disservice to the term. A POS system also keeps track of your inventory, allows you to manage your staff and approach your customers through online marketing.

In fact, those are just a few examples of how a POS system can help increase your sales. We will discuss this in detail later in this article. For now, it is good to know that it is a powerful tool that helps you run your business, so to speak.

What is Shopify POS?

Now that it’s clear what a POS system is, the next question is probably already popping into your head. So what does Shopify POS entail? And why would you choose this as an entrepreneur? Shopify POS is one of the best mobile POS systems in the world. Especially if you chose this e-commerce platform because of the advantages of Shopify in general, this system is the best choice. Not only because it seamlessly integrates your physical store and online store, but also because Shopify POS is included with all Shopify subscriptions.

The benefits of Shopify POS

As you probably expect, the system helps your customers checkout quickly and easily, whether you choose the Lite or Pro version. That’s partly because the system uses Shopify Payments, Shopify’s payment service provider. This allows for a variety of payment methods and allows customers to choose the one that suits them.

We already said Shopify POS was more than just a POS system. So it doesn’t stop there: marketing integration and available customer data allow you to create marketing campaigns that are truly effective and keep your customers coming back. It also helps you create a customer loyalty program.

And because both your online store and physical outlet are linked to the system, you make your inventory management a lot easier on yourself and you can keep a close eye on your cash flow. No more fiddling with two different systems. You can manage all your online and offline activities in one system; it will save you time and money.

But the integration between online and offline also has benefits for your customers. With Shopify POS, for example, they can buy products online and pick them up in store. Or the other way around: buying products in the store and shipping them to their home. Returns are also made a lot easier for them because they can also return the product they bought online offline. This seamless integration of online and offline and the associated ease of use is not just a plus, but a service that customers actually expect these days.

Difference between Shopify POS Lite and Pro

We just briefly mentioned that there is a Lite and Pro version of Shopify POS. What exactly is the difference between the two? With Lite, you can use the mobile POS system, manage your orders and products, and view your customer profiles. The Pro version has all of these benefits, of course, but in addition:

  • – Unlimited number of store employees
  • – Smart stock management
  • – Omnichannel sales functions
  • – Unlimited number of cash registers
  • – Roles and permissions for employees
  • – Analytics for your store

Shopify POS pricing

Shopify POS Lite is absolutely free to use with all Shopify subscriptions. Want to take advantage of all the features Shopify POS has to offer? Then there is Shopify POS Pro, for which you pay $89 per month and per location in addition to your Shopify subscription. This Pro version is included though if you have a Shopify Plus subscription.

Shopify POS app

Thanks to the Shopify POS app, you can make any smartphone or tablet (running on Android or iOS) a point of sale, or point of sale. To use the app, log in with your unique PIN. Then you can search for customers, orders or products (or scan them with the built-in barcode scanner). On the home screen, you can add tiles as you wish, which are useful for your work flow. For example, consider promotions or discounts.

POS Shopify hardware

POS Shopify hardware you can purchase include: a card reader, barcode scanner, printer and reader, receipt printer, iPad stand and cash drawers.

Finally, there is the Star mPOP, a combined receipt printer and cash drawer that comes with a base stand on top of the unit to put your iPad on. It is the ideal Shopify POS hardware setup, as it instantly elevates the look of your physical point of sale to a professional level.

With Shopify POS hardware available in the Netherlands since 2021, there is no reason not to go for the user-friendly app and seamless omnichannel experience.

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