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West Point Digital is an official Shopify Partner. What exactly does this mean? And what sets us apart from other Shopify Partners in the Netherlands?

At West Point Digital, we are fans of Shopify. The e-commerce platform is so user-friendly that you can use the software even without a headache if you don’t have much technical knowledge. Unlike some other e-commerce platforms, with Shopify you’re not constantly putting out fires and resolving issues and you can focus on what really matters: running and growing your online store.

This is probably also the reason why you are using Shopify as an e-commerce platform, or at least considering it. But no matter how user-friendly the SaaS platform is, sometimes the help of an expert is exactly what you need to take your shop to the next level. Setting up an online store requires knowledge in design, development and marketing, to name a few. It makes sense that in these diverse fields you could use some help from time to time.

The Shopify Partner Program was created in 2016 to ensure merchants like you can get as much out of the platform as possible. From Shopify Experts, you can be sure they have the expertise to build and design the best possible web shop for you. We are therefore proud to be a Shopify certified partner since 2020 – two years after we developed our first Shopify webshop.

What are Shopify Partners?

The term Shopify Partners represents much more than just some sort of seal of approval. As a Shopify certified partner, we are part of the Shopify community. As a result, we are always up to date with developments within the e-commerce platform and can take advantage of a huge range of tools and support.

Shopify Partners can additionally develop their own themes and apps. This ensures that you will soon be able to sell your products in the webshop you envision. By deviating from standard themes and developing a custom design, you simultaneously set yourself apart from the competition.

If you want something custom made, you will have to engage a Shopify developer partner. Our UX and UI designers have already developed several custom themes and apps for our clients. Moreover, behind the scenes we are busy releasing our own theme in the official Shopify store.

West Point Digital is Shopify Partner in the Netherlands

Due to our years of experience with Shopify and e-commerce in general, we can realize a webshop quickly and efficiently: from design and development to optimization. Since 2018, we have worked with many different merchants from a variety of industries, including retailers, B2B, B2C and subscription-based companies. As a result, chances are we have already figured out the solution for your webshop and can implement it quickly.

One of our areas of expertise is migrating Magento webshops to Shopify. In recent years, we have already migrated numerous shops to Shopfiy. As a result, we know better than anyone how to handle this transition in the smoothest way possible.

We also focus on customer loyalty when migrating or building web shops. Many merchants put a lot of energy into finding new customers. Many merchants put a lot of energy into finding Thereby you only forget your current customers; the people you are sure are interested in your product.customers. Therefore, we are always looking into implementing a subscription or loyalty program.

Here you can find previous cases of West Point Digital and what we as Shopify Partner Agency in the Netherlands have done for these web shops.

Our approach

Interested in our help? Nice! Before we get started, we do an audit of your webshop. In this, we include everything from design to user experience to analytics. Based on these results and, of course, your wants and needs, we will start working for you.

We can do this for you if
Shopify Partner

Shopify UX & UI Design

From custom brand experiences to redesigns; our Design and CRO teams provide the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Shopify Development
Coding is in our blood. We are a business with technical origins, which makes rapid development and smart integration possible.
Migration to Shopify

Our Shopify experts provide a smooth transition during the migration from other e-commerce platforms.

Shopify Marketing

As an e-commerce growth agency, we use data analyse and best practices to ensure the success of your digital growth strategy.

Shopify Apps

Looking for a custom-made Shopify functionality? Our App development team offers the solution.

Shopify Support
After the launch of your web shop, we continue to offer support and our Shopify expertise.

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