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Shopify webshop design consists of two main factors. First of all, there are the actual looks, which should not only convey your brand identity down to the smallest details, but also entice your visitors to purchase your products.

It doesn’t stop there: next, you want to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to actually do so. Shopify webshop design thus goes beyond just a beautiful website. Shopify webshop design thus goes beyond just a beautiful website. And a good Shopify cart page design can be just the difference between an abandoned cart or not.

As a Shopify design agency, our focus is therefore not only on a beautifully designed website, but also on conversion. Fortunately, beautiful design does not have to mean sacrificing functionality at all. The two may very well go together.

Shopify UX Design Experts

As official Shopify Partners, we know better than anyone what is possible with Shopify. Together with our developers, the Shopify design experts deliver an online store that perfectly matches what your brand wants to convey and is also user-friendly.

What our Shopify design experts can do for you:

Redesigns & Rebuilds

Has your webshop gone through professional development and is it time for a redesign & rebuild? Then our experts will be happy to get to work for you. This always takes into consideration:

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design UX stands for user experience. In other words, user experience. By now you understand why this type of design is so important for your webshop. UI stands for user interface. Where a UX design is primarily functional, a UI design is emotional. This means, for example, that you apply the color blue in your webshop because you want your brand to radiate reliability above all else. West Point Digital finds the balance between functional and emotional for you to achieve the most conversion.

Brand Identity

Your brand is unique. So why settle for one of Shopify’s pre-designed themes? Choosing a custom Shopify design will set you apart from the competition in one fell swoop. Not a standard look that you might find on thousands of other online shops, but one that focuses on your unique brand experience.

With the fast-growing e-commerce market, this is now more important than ever. From the way your products are displayed to the shape of the buttons on the website, your webshop should exude your brand identity in every detail.

Of course, a standard theme means you can go live quickly, but our years of experience designing and building Shopify web shops means we can realize them quickly and efficiently for you.


Finally, we always design an online store with scalability in mind. This way you can be sure that your webshop is future-proof and grows with your grand ambitions.

CX Audit

Every webshop is different. Therefore, we never just go to work for you…. Before we design and build, we get to know your webshop by talking with you about your ambitions, target audience, and USPs. In addition, to achieve the best possible results, we do a Customer Experience (CX) Audit.

Dive into existing data

In the CX Audit, one of the things we do is dive into existing data. How much traffic is your shop realizing now? By what traffic sources? And what is the conversion rate and average order value?

Usability testing

By applying usability testing, it is possible to find out when and why visitors get stuck on your web shop. By removing these barriers, we prevent future visitors from dropping out at this point and ensure that they do proceed to purchase.

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every interaction a customer has with your brand during a customer journey. It helps you view the web shop from the customer’s perspective, to further optimize the user experience.

Our own Shopify template

Our own Shopify template brings together all of our e-commerce knowledge and experience with best practices and uses the latest UX insights. When you choose our template, you are assured of a smooth and fast go live and subsequently optimal results.

Design, build & grow

West Point Digital is not just another design agency. Designing your ideal web shop is only the first step. Our designers then get to work with our developers to quickly launch the webshop. And we are also here for you after the launch. For Shopify Support with issues, but also for further development of your webshop in order to continue to grow.

We can’t wait to get to work for you. Whether you need a redesign to take your webshop to the next level, or are looking for a custom brand experience. Contact us if you are curious about Shopify website design pricing or would like to discuss your case without obligation.

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