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The world's largest SaaS provider​

Enthusiasm for Shopify grows each day in the Netherlands. The platform is known as the world’s largest Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, with more than 600,000 active users over the whole world. A web shop is constructed quickly, and with relatively low initial costs. With the arrival of extensions and payment methods suitable for the Dutch market, Shopify also became firmly established in the Netherlands. Shopify web shops are strong on integrations, mobile responsive designs, rapid construction, low starting costs, and simple management.

Care-free with a full-featured platform​

Shopify is a full-featured platform. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly front and back end, and the powerful functions and support, it is labelled as the go-to e-commerce platform to launch a web shop quickly and easily. The hosted e-commerce platform system unburdens you from hosting, and the purchase of hosting software and expensive extensions. So you can fully concentrate on doing business and further upscaling.

Shopify: Quick results...​

Shopify is known for turning the launching of a web shop into a quick and streamlined process. Just about all applications and themes are mobile-responsive, something that’s definitely a must in 2022. Bearing in mind that 50% of all online purchases is made on a smartphone or tablet, pleasant shopping on the mobile front increases conversions.

...and easy to manage too!​

Shopify is also at the forefront of convenience in management. A user-friendly back and front end provide straightforward customisation options without headaches. The above-mentioned Software as a Service structure is the facilitator here. The hosting and technical peripherals are regulated by Shopify (in collaboration with a Content Delivery Network party), and the software fits on seamlessly. This makes for simple installation, so that full attention can be paid to actual selling and marketing.

Constructing a Shopify web shop with a short development time​

A web shop with Shopify is typically quickly launched, given the short development time of 3-4 weeks. Shopify takes care of the hosting and software so that the user can focus fully on web shop content and design. This web shop is entirely in the Cloud, which means it keeps on running in peak workload times, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Having to purchase extra server capacity also becomes a thing of the past. And purchasing a domain name is simple, and can be instantly linked to your Shopify web shop. Many guides and aids are available from the Shopify Help Center, and 24/7 customer service is always available via e-mail, telephone and live chat.

Shopify themes

Shopify showcases a wide range of professional and mobile responsive themes, with which to give your web shop an attractive and personalised form. The chosen theme then forms the basis of the web shop, and can be modified in many ways. There’re also partners that focus on offering customised solutions, so that all wishes can be fulfilled.

Integrating links​

With Shopify, it’s also possible to integrate links in the CMS system. Such as links to payment providers like iDeal and links with bookkeeping systems like Exact Online and Yuki. In addition, Shopify also enables the integration of links to various marketing channels. For instance, the App Store offers a link to Google Shopping, Facebook advertisements and Google AdWords, and more. There’s also an ample choice of tools and extensions available to further optimise the web shop, and the option of a multi-language shop.

Migrating an existing web shop to Shopify web shop​

Shopify is the perfect platform for making a new start. Due to the open structure of the Shopify platform, third parties can offer their own apps while you still have the convenience of a fast platform that you don’t have to worry about in the technical sense. Perhaps you’re not happy with your current software. The tools and themes are mobile-responsive with a modern, sleek lay-out. Migrating a web shop from WooCommerce, Prestashop or other platforms to a professional Shopify web shop can be entirely taken care of by the experts at WPD. Ask about the possibilities of focusing it entirely on your preferences and circumstances.

Shopify Plus​

If you really want to go for it and have a customised fine-tuning of your web shop, consider Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus is the new solution for large-scale web shops, and is Shopify’s big brother. When you want to scale up to the next level because your sales volume is skyrocketing, then Shopify Plus could be the ideal solution for your web shop. It offers various clones of your web shop, so you can sell your products in different countries and in different currencies. In addition, it offers special support in the form of the Merchant Success Manager that guides you in your steps to success, but also a customisable check-out and Shopify Cart Scripts, to mention just a few features. Feel free to contact us for more detailed advice.

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