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When to make the switch, and why?

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform that provides starting entrepreneurs with the tools required to begin a successful web shop. As your business grows, your current Shopify plan can prove to be too limiting. Perhaps that’s the moment to switch to Shopify Plus.

This article gives an overview of the advantages of Shopify Plus, so you have a better idea of whether it’s worth your business taking the plunge of investing in the Shopify Plus platform.

When is the right time to switch to Shopify Plus?

It’s not so simple to know when you’ve grown out of your current Shopify shop plan. You would first have to analyse your web shop in order to see where an upgrade could help to make progress. Does order processing take too long, or does your entire shop go into overdrive with an unexpected rise in visitor numbers? Then you should definitely consider an upgrade. The same goes for when you spend way too much time on IT, maintenance, and transaction costs. Shopify is also worth considering when you want to modify your shop for a certain country, or improve user-friendliness.

Why upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Plus has everything you enjoyed about Shopify, but then adds so many more possibilities. Naturally you pay more, but that gets you e-commerce that is personalised and custom-made for your business.


Campaign plans, daily specials and product launches

Launchpad is a planning tool with which you can plan and automate all kinds of changes in your web shop. Thanks to Launchpad, it’s much simpler to fix the starting and end point of a promotion campaign. That makes the campaign and sales more efficient.

Shopify Scripts

Apply discounts automatically

One of the downsides of Shopify is the lack of dynamic sales and strategic discounts in its shopping cart. That changes with Script Editor, an exclusive tool for Shopify Plus customers. A tool making it possible to modify automatic discounts on items in the shopping cart for a certain segment of your clients. Using a programming code such as Ruby, you can write scripts yourself and adjust product prices at your own discretion. This allows you to maintain control and encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Shopify Flow

Automating tasks

As your business grows, it seems you never have enough time. Here’s where Shopify Flow can help. This app was especially developed for Plus users to automate various time-consuming task such as product management, order management and customer engagement. Shopify Flow offers an extensive package of applications that can be used in the best combination for your shop needs.

24/7 support

Plus users can rely on 24/7 support from an exclusive help desk. Immediate access to a help desk is essential when you’re running an international web shop where lots of money is involved.

Personalised payment experience

Shopify is a hosted platform. That means that you are limited in what you can change. Shopify Plus gives you more possibilities for modifying your web shop to your wishes. That especially applies to the checkout. Here you can offer customers a personalised payment experience and various options for accelerated payments, and more. More payment options, for example, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or Shop Pay and, naturally, Shopify iDEAL.

Sales via multiple channels

Web shops increasingly offer their products at places where their customers are. Selling on Amazon or eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or via Messenger and WhatsApp is paramount for the growth of a business. With Shopify Plus, you can manage all these sales channels from just one location. Reaching more customers has never been so efficient.

Sell on a world-wide market

Around the world, more and more people do their shopping on the internet. This offers entrepreneurs ample opportunities to extend their borders. Shopify Plus lets you open web shops all over the world, give customers information in their native language, offer products in local currency, and capitalise on seasonal trends.

Unlimited band breadth

Plus offers unlimited band breadth, letting you process up to 6,000 sales transactions per minute. And you have no less than 200 TB storage space at your disposal.

More API access

For web shops with many visitors and sales, more API access means they make better use of third-party applications. It also means you have the possibility to develop all kinds of modifications yourself.

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

The price for a Shopify Plus license starts at a monthly fee of $2,000. This price is based on e commerce platform sales. So first make a calculation for yourself when considering whether to switch to Shopify Plus. How do the costs compare to your income? And do you see potential in all the benefits of Shopify Plus for your e commerce solution? This advanced e-commerce platform is, above all, an excellent solution for web shops that attract many visitors and have a high turnover. Shopify advanced helps you increase sales even further and can be seen as the ideal platform at the enterprise level.

I want to upgrade to Shopify Plus: what now?

With Plus, unlike the regular platform, you can’t simply choose a theme for your web shop and get started. Plus is specifically made to offer your customers a unique visitor experience. You need a web developer if you want to fully customise your web shop to your wishes. West Point Digital constructs Shopify Plus web shops and is ready and willing to work for you too.

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